Blue Knights golf tournament aids Gingerbread House

Team Adams placed first in the golf scramble hosted by the Blue Knights Texas Chapter XXIto raise funds for the Gingerbread House children’s advocacy center. From left, Bob Adams, Ron Adams, Larry Tyson and Larry Rowe.

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The Blue Knights Texas Chapter XXI hosted its second annual golf scramble benefitting the Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center of Waxahachie Monday, April 30, at The Old Brickyard in Ferris.

Bob Adams, a member of Blue Knights and the event coordinator, said they have been hosting fundraisers for the past 11 years in an effort to raise money for the Gingerbread House.

“In the past, we held what we called the Iron Butt Ride,” Adams said. “It was a ride that consisted of 1,100 miles in 24 hours, and it just got to be too much for us.”

Adams said it was a ride that pushed them to the limit, and they often had to function on about three hours of sleep. He said they wanted to continue hosting fundraisers for the organization, but knew they couldn’t put themselves in that type of position again. He said it wasn’t until last year that they came up with the idea to do the golf tournament.

“Last year we decided to do something different,” Adams said. “We came up with the idea of a golf tournament, and it went really well.”

They were able to raise $3,244.76 last year, and Adams said he believes they were able to accomplish much more than that this year.

President of the Blue Knights Waxahachie chapter, Ken Reeves, said this makes the third time they’ve switched fundraising projects, but believes they will stick with hosting the golf scramble.

“As you know, we started out with the Iron Butt Ride, but that got to be too grueling,” Reeves said. “Then we started going on cruises, and those were fun, but I think the golf tournament has been the best.”

Reeves said the reason it has been so successful is because they’ve received more community participation.

“Not everyone is involved with riding motorcycles, or can afford to go on a week-long cruise,” he said. “But there are many people out there who wanted to be a part, and this has proven to be the best way to get everyone involved.”

He also added that this is an important event because all the money raised goes to benefit the Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center. He said anytime children are involved, the Blue Knights want to find a way to help.

“Kids are so helpless and don’t have a choice in the situations they’re placed in,” Reeves said. “We want them to know they have friends out there willing to help.”

Reeves said even though this is only the second year they’ve held the event, he feels it was a great success, but would like to see even more support next year.

“I’d like to see us have more sponsors next year,” he said. “We didn’t have a specific amount of funds we wanted to raise, but the more the better. If we can generate more sponsors, that will help raise more money for the kids.”

Executive director of the Gingerbread House, John Wycoff, said he was thrilled with the turnout and appreciates all the support the center receives from the Blue Knights.

Team Adams, Bob Adams, Ron Adams, Larry Tyson and Larry Rowe, finished the tournament in first place. Ron Adams and Larry Rowe drove in from Shreveport, La., in order to participate in the tournament. The second place trophy went to Gary Willis, Tom Kratzer, Pressley Darnell and David Lobingier. The third place trophy went to Team Ranch, T.J. Prachyl, Dave Smith, Mike Crow and Jerrod Medulla.

About the Gingerbread House
The Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center serves child victims of sexual and/or severe physical abuse. For more information, contact John Wycoff at 972-937-1870.

About the Blue Knights
Blue Knights is comprised of active and retired law enforcement men and women who enjoy riding motorcycles. Blue Knights XXI is headquartered in Waxahachie. For more information, contact Ken Reeves at 972-935-1491.

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